How to keep your slow cooker clean

Posted by on December 03, 2014

The internet is full of blogs and articles on how to clean your slow cooker. We have all had experiences where the family stew has cooked a little too long and it has left a food crust or stubborn stain on your slow cooker pot.

Cleaning your slow cooker

We have tried many ways from simmering soapy water for a couple of hours to rubbing a bicarbonate soda paste and leaving it for 20 minutes. However, the best solution we have found is a slow cooker liners.

What is a slow cooker liner?

Slow Cooker Liners are disposable liners which fit snuggly to the side and bottom of your slow cooker. Slow Cooker Liners fit every make and model of slow cooker’s available on the UK market, whether that be a 1.5 litre slow cooker or a 6.5 litre slow cooker. You simply place your food into the liner and cook as normal, the liner has the added benefit that it can be used for food storage and is also suitable for home freezing.

This British produced product is BPA free and has been tested to the UK Food Standards, making it safe for all the family.

Where to buy slow cooker liners?

Slow Cooker Liners have been very popular in America for a number of years. We have now made British Manufactured Slow Cooker Liner available to the UK market for as little as £1.39 per pack! If you want to try out our Slow Cooker Liners, buy them here.

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