About Us

On a trip to visit relatives in the USA over 3 years ago, we discovered Slow Cooker Liners. We just could not believe that Slow Cooker Liners were not available on the UK market.

So was launched! 

My family and I are regular users of the Slow Cooker, whether we are rustling up a hearty stew or a classic Scouse! We find it a brilliant and affordable way to produce hassle-free, yet nourishing meals. We find that Slow Cooker Liners are a perfect time-saving solution, with the added benefit of keeping our slow cooker looking as good as new!

We were so impressed with the results that Slow Cooker Liners delivered, and in the knowledge of the thousands’ of households within the UK that enjoy using a slow cooker, we knew we had to bring this product to the UK market.

It was important that we could offer Slow Cookers Liners that are manufactured in the UK, ensuring that they comply fully with all UK food quality standards. Quality and cost are important to us, so British manufacturing means complete control over the design and manufacturing process.

It also means we can pass cost savings on to the customer by avoiding the need to pay any duty or shipping costs. This allows us to deliver the cheapest Slow Cooker Liners on the market – a pack of four liners costs as little as £1.10!

When I am asked ‘What are slow cooker liners?’ The response is easy…


“Affordable and safe cooking liners, that take away the hassle of washing up!”