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Slow Cooker Weight Conversion Chart

Posted by on 18th Feb 2015

With slow cookers being hugely popular in America we often see recipes with cup measurements. Therefore, Slow Cooker Liners have found this handy infographic which converts cup sizes to either grams or ml.

Slow Cooker Liners are handy liners which fits snuggly into your slow cooker, cooking in the liner means there is no need to do any washing up at the end of the meal.

We hope you find the conversion chart as useful as the team at Slow Cooker Liners has, we would love to hear your slow cooker favourite  recipes.

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Slow cooker Macaroni and Cheese

We are delighted with the feedback which we are getting from the reviews on Slow Cooker Liners. A big benefit of the slow cooker is that you can leave it on throughout the day and it will ready when the family return from school or work. So we have decided to share one of our family favourites Macaroni [...]

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Beef Slow Cooker Spicy Curry

Slow Cooker Liners love a hot spicy recipe, especially this one from This hearty, spicy, beef curry can be made a little less spicy by reducing the level of spices and also adding some natural yogurt when serving. Great served over mashed potatoes or rice. Don’t forget to cook the curry in your Slow [...]

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Slow cooker chicken and mushroom curry

We are delighted with the feedback which we are getting from the  reviews on Slow Cooker Liners and as you like the slow cooker recipes we have decided to share with some more of our favourites. Starting with this fantastic quick and simply mid-week recipe favourite; slow cooker chicken and mushroom curry. We would of course recommend [...]

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Leftover Christmas Turkey Slow Cooker Casserole

Turkey legs are always leftover in our house, so when we came across this slow cooker Christmas Turkey casserole using Turkey legs we had to share with you. Slow cooking ensures the turkey leg is tender and moist. You could use other vegetables in this recipe, just take a look what you have leftover! This recipe is so [...]

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Slow Cooker Christmas Pudding

At  Slow Cooker Liners we love to find new ideas on how we can make life a little easier. Using our slow cooker to make the Christmas pudding seemed like one we had to share with you. That’s what we are all about at  Slow Cooker Liners; our liners do make life a little easier! Original recipe was adapted from  All RecipesSlow Cooker Christmas [...]

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​Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Soup Recipe

Slow Cooker Liners love a recipe where you can throw in all the seasonal vegetables which you have in your fridge or cupboard. This slow cooker winter vegetable soup recipe is perfect for those time-starved people amongst us; it’s easy to prepare and all the cooking is done in your slow cooker! Don’t forget to cook the soup [...]

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​Cooking Christmas Turkey in the Slow Cooker

We are fast approaching the festive season and are looking at new ways to cook the perfect Christmas turkey. Have you ever considered using your slow cooker to cook your Christmas turkey? The team at Slow Cooker Liners are keen to try new ways to use a slow cooker and we hope you like the [...]

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How to keep your slow cooker clean

The internet is full of blogs and articles on how to clean your slow cooker. We have all had experiences where the family stew has cooked a little too long and it has left a food crust or stubborn stain on your slow cooker pot. Cleaning your slow cookerWe have tried many ways from [...]

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Slow Cooker Chicken, Bacon and Potato Casserole

Cooking a stew can be the most rewarding task, especially in this colder season. Unfortunately, the task can sometimes become very laborious. You have to stay in the house because the oven is on for 4 hours, you have to regularly stir and add liquids, and there is often a very stubborn casserole dish to [...]

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